martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

Let's travell!

Hello people!! New blog dedicated to travell around SL. Only travell and no worry about which clothes wear in this moment! Just enjoy for the beautiful (or special places) in SL, doesn't matter if are old or new, if are spectacular, or simple,because some places are always nice to visit.
After some time blogging only clothes, I'm a bit saturated of the fashion world, then, for relax I though was a good idea to create this blog. If you wanna join me will be very nice to share some photos and LM here, and of course, if you have some question about the clothes I'm wearing and I know where come from, with pleasure, I will replay you! Just leave me a message :) So, let's start and relax and thanks for reading!

And of course, we will start just now with our SL route! Discover the wonderful and a little misterious place of Isle of Carnival.
Taxi to Isle of Carnival

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